Muong Hoa Valley

Muong Hoa Valley

Muong Hoa Valley

Tung Nguyen 0 Comments Thursday, May 04, 2017

Sapa tourism, many people had to admire the majestic beauty of the Silver cascade, and this is the source of the stream with beautiful name: Muong Hoa.

Located in a bowl-shaped valley of Muong Hoa inclined, United stream stretches about 15km along the valley, through the village of Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hau Thao... and ends at Ban Ho. Stream as giant pythons snaking, winding side of the terraced slopes. In the fall of grain, golden fields from silhouetted spill down in green waters do respect the glamor of Muong Hoa valley.

Pour about this stream has about 22 small streams derived from forests, ravines make this stream flowed four seasons. For ease of crossing the banks, riverine dwellers did the rattan bridge crossing the stream side tree moss. The rattan bridge adorned the stream and is also attracting a lot of tourists.

Throughout the region there are many streams, waterfalls with rocks and white as the invisible hand artifacts, meticulously arranged. Ta Van stream segment in wide, flat beaches have become ideal. At the weekend, from the Village people flock here to dive in the cool waters.

Heard from Elderly people in Muong Hoa valley , both sides of the stream there are many ancient trees, tree hollows under the shelter of the individual families. Fish in Muong Hoa stream to no end. In September 2-3 lunar, when monsoon winds dispel the cold of the highlands, the son of prostitutes at night under the mast out fishing streams, springs boisterous songs by voice boisterous laugh. They used to throw rocks down stream to fish panic and flee down the gorge stream fish tissue. Fishing is the only excuse for the girl fist guy. Hand in hand, eyes exchanging passionate, and love amorously starting Muong Hoa stream.

Muong Hoa Valley is also home to ancient rocks Sapa famous. Zone strange rock carvings are located in between the trees and terraced fields of ethnic minorities. Stretching over a length of over 4km, 2km wide, with at least 159 stone, containing many mysterious graphics, rocks used to be the focus of much research scientist Vietnam, Russia, France, Australia ...

Both populations ancient rocks stones with beautiful carvings, concentrated in The City. With the great stone, carved on the surface different. Especially people in many shapes posture: humanoid arms, round emanates light; shaped people holding hands; the picture upside down; have shaped the expression of the cult of the gas as the picture on the Dong Son bronze drums ... Most scientists are evaluating here is a great heritage of mankind, not only in terms of aesthetic values technical sense but also spiritually.

Muong Hoa Valley is the name mentioned most of the tourist attractions Sapa


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